The Maison

The maison


Our history

Bellonor & Bellonor Joaillier® are an independent French jewelry house with a remarkable heritage.
Tony Bellone, jewellery designer and founder, graduated at a very young age from the Haute École de Joaillerie on the rue du Louvre, and has a wealth of experience working for the big names in Parisian jewelry and other international luxury players.
He starts making jewelry under his own brand “Bellonor Joaillier®” and opens the doors of his Bellonor workshop in the South of France.

Bellonor & Bellonor Joaillier® has built up an excellent reputation in the French jewelry and haute joaillerie industry, with quality excellence and creative craftsmanship.

our expertise

All our creations are created and manufactured in the Bellonor workshop. Nothing industrial is involved in our work, which is totally handmade, from drawing/sketching, model-making and manufacturing/assembly to setting and polishing. The whole process is carried out with precise, mastered tools; nothing is left to chance. The object created will only be presented to the customer if the Maison is satisfied with the quality.

This mastery enables our passionate craftsmen to offer you an entirely personalized service, and to design for you unique jewelry and/or objets d’art, adapted to your requirements and your budget.

Bellonor & Bellonor Joaillier® are the guardians of the expertise of the Houses of Excellence.
Real expertise recognized by the profession, with the prestigious “Joaillerie de France” label (46 awarded since 2006 – Created by Union Française BJOP – ).

“Golden hands and fairy fingers play an essential role in these processes, and we guarantee quality as close to excellence as possible”.

our inspiration

The distinct inspirations of the Maison Bellonor & Bellonor Joaillier® for original, elegant collections, a free and innovative creative expression, combined with a quest for excellence to guarantee high French craftsmanship.

Mon Précieux Lien® is the collection that has stimulated the artistic spirit of Bellonor & Bellonor Joaillier® through daring creations expressing the complete mastery of the know-how developed by the House.

The House sublimates the elements:
Air : the world of aviation with Mon Précieux Lien®.
Earth : the automotive world with Précieuses Mécaniques®.
The sea: the marine world with Précieuse Allure®.

Bellonor & Bellonor Joaillier® have developed original and elegant collections, and provide you with all your jewelry needs for the big day: wedding rings, rings, solitaires, bracelets and high-end necklaces, and even a superb belt for your wedding dress.

“Honoring jewelry
To become self-sufficient
And pass on these values to the young
Take our place with humility
It’s our duty to fight for know-how
Because the joys and emotions we create are the legacy we leave behind”.

Signature Bellonor Joaillier

The maison

Bellonor a unique & recognizable design


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Bellonor & Bellonor joaillier®

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